University of Stirling, Stirling.
Degree Awarded:
    B. Sc (Honours), Computer Science Grade 2:1
1992 - 1996
Dissertation: Implementation of a HTTP server: The project concerned building an information server for the World Wide Web. The server had to be robust, secure and efficient, as it would be continuously running with many concurrent users. Advanced UNIX system programming was required to implement sockets, concurrency and interprocess communication.
Platform: UNIX,     Language: C     Protocol: TCP/IP
Other Projects Undertaken at University:
Group Project: Implementing a Miniature UNIX File system.
In this project the group had to learn the inner workings of the UNIX file system and implement a slightly smaller version. In this case the virtual disk was implemented as a binary file. The file was then split up into blocks and treated as if it were the real UNIX file system, with Inodes and Super blocks. A dummy shell was placed on this to give the interface to the programme. An 'A' grade was awarded for this project.
Douglas Academy, Milngavie, Glasgow 1986 - 1992
2 Sixth year studies
5 Highers
7 Standard / O Grades